More valuable than any fire truck, hose or tool, the firefighter’s body is the most important asset when it comes to their job – saving lives. In an effort to bring attention to the critical issue of good health and well-being for first responders, the FASNY wellness website puts numerous resources related to cancer, heart health and mental health issues in one central location.

Please join FASNY in making the volunteer fire and emergency medical services as strong as they can be by getting informed and taking action in your organization with these articles and resources.


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Resiliency, Not Resolutions, in 2022

Every New Year, millions of people commit to that one thing that they believe will make their lives better in the upcoming year. “I will lose weight”… “I will spend more time with my family”… “I will make more money”…. “I will eat better”… While all of these proclamations are certainly positive, they lack clarity, […]

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Firefighter Heat Stress and Turnout Breathability

Heat stress. You’ve probably heard this term ringing throughout the fire department more often now than ever before. As the leading contributor to occupational injuries such as overexertion and cardiovascular disease, it’s no surprise that it’s become common language for firefighters across the world, driving new initiatives, SOPs, and conversations. As VP of Product Innovation […]

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Firefighter Cancer Support Network is Here for Volunteers

By Tony Cruz, New York State Director When you hear the words “You have cancer,” your heart stops. You are not sure you heard correctly. Many thoughts flash through your mind as you try to process what the doctor is saying. Where do you go from here? You try to wrap your head around the […]

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The FASNY-Northwell Health Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Study: What We’ve Been Up To

Several years have passed since FASNY and Northwell Health joined together to conduct the first all-volunteer firefighter cancer research study in the United States. From 2017-2019, we were tasked with contacting over 1,700 volunteer and combination fire departments in New York State (NYS) to offer them an opportunity to participate in this one-of-a-kind study. Our […]

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weight loss

Firefighters and Colorectal Cancer

It is not very common to sit down with fellow firefighters or friends and say, “Hey, does anyone want to talk about how we can prevent colorectal cancer?” While it may not sound like a subject for “polite” conversation, it’s a good idea to give some thought to this important topic. Colorectal cancer is one […]

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Coping with COVID-19 Stress

Every day as I work with individuals during the current health crisis, I am acutely aware of the anxiety and mental AND physical stress people are experiencing. That stress is certainly not one size fits all. For some, the worry is about contracting COVID-19. For many others, there are concerns about unknowingly passing it on […]

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