More valuable than any fire truck, hose or tool, the firefighter’s body is the most important asset when it comes to their job – saving lives. In an effort to bring attention to the critical issue of good health and well-being for first responders, the FASNY wellness website puts numerous resources related to cancer, heart health and mental health issues in one central location.

Please join FASNY in making the volunteer fire and emergency medical services as strong as they can be by getting informed and taking action in your organization with these articles and resources.


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Firefighters and Colorectal Cancer

It is not very common to sit down with fellow firefighters or friends and say, “Hey, does anyone want to talk about how we can prevent colorectal cancer?” While it may not sound like a subject for “polite” conversation, it’s a good idea to give some thought to this important topic. Colorectal cancer is one […]

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Coping with COVID-19 Stress

Every day as I work with individuals during the current health crisis, I am acutely aware of the anxiety and mental AND physical stress people are experiencing. That stress is certainly not one size fits all. For some, the worry is about contracting COVID-19. For many others, there are concerns about unknowingly passing it on […]

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New IAFC Campaign Focuses on Watching for Warning Signs of Cardiac Events

As a fire Chief, I love training with my firefighters. I do not believe you just can sit in an ivory tower and dictate policy. So even in my mid-50s, I love strapping on my bunker gear, air tank and other PPE to engage in live-fire training with my firefighters. But something was different about […]

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How Clean Is Your Turnout Gear?

You have probably seen a few dirty, soot-covered helmets lying around the firehouse, and are maybe even guilty of sporting one yourself over the years. But, that “salty” gear that was once the sign of a “real firefighter” is no longer a badge of honor. Turnout gear can be covered with products of combustion that […]

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Here’s to Your Health: 12 Simple Investments for a Healthier You

Investing in your health doesn’t have to be painful. Living a healthier lifestyle happens with each small step you take – no matter what the focus. Over time, each step will move you closer to your health goals – and often will lead to even more healthy behavior choices in other areas. The key is: […]

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The Importance of Daily Activity

Americans are becoming increasingly more sedentary. At our jobs, what were once physical tasks are becoming more automated and many of us spend eight to 10 hours a day seated in front of a computer. For our children, lack of activity is just as bad. Not only have gym classes been reduced to 30 minutes […]

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