Annual FASNY Legislative Conference

Annual FASNY Legislative Conference

FASNY was organized in 1872 for the purpose of protecting the interests of volunteer firefighters in New York State. Part of FASNY’s stated mission is to maintain, support and serve the volunteer fire service and the public they serve through legislation. FASNY has a Legislative Committee and a Legislative Representative to fulfill this mission.

Every fall, FASNY conducts its annual Legislative Conference. This year, the Conference is in Troy at the Hilton Garden Inn, Rensselaer Conference facility on November 3-4. In preparation for the Conference, the Legislative Committee compiles a comprehensive list of possible legislative items with a brief description of each item. The Legislative Committee develops this list by reviewing items from the prior year’s legislative agenda, by soliciting input from sectional and county organizations and by discussing emerging issues with other FASNY committees and individual FASNY members.

At the Legislative Conference, the various proposals are discussed with the Legislative Committee and the FASNY Legislative Representative with the membership in attendance. Throughout the Conference, proposed legislative items are reviewed, debated and refined. After thorough discussion of the issues, the sectional organizations make recommendations for the FASNY Scorecard.

In addition, the FASNY members present at the Conference can add or withhold their recommendations during the course of Saturday and Sunday’s deliberations. The Legislative Committee then refines and prioritizes the issues in preparation for bill introduction in consultation with the Legislative Representative.

The Legislative Committee and Legislative Representative present a final agenda of introduced legislation to the FASNY Board of Directors. After the Board approves the final legislative agenda, the Legislative Committee and Legislative Representative lead the lobbying and advocacy activities. The Legislative Committee continues the process by submitting a monthly legislative report to the FASNY Board of Directors. The Board may adjust the FASNY Scorecard from time to time based on changing events and circumstances during the legislative year.

All bills on the 2018-19 agenda will need new sponsors and bill numbers.