A Great New Resource for Training and Recruiting

FASNY 43 is more than a vehicle, it’s a true resource for both training and recruiting that you can bring to your department for free. Any New York State volunteer fire department is eligible to reserve this truck packed with state-of-the-art equipment and more.

To reserve FASNY 43 please contact the FASNY Office at 518-434-0987

It’s all designed to help you train your volunteer firefighters and also connect with your community. Use this technologically advanced equipment for your next training night or invite the public to learn the latest at-home fire safety techniques while also encouraging them to join up and become a member to elevate those skills much further.

See all FASNY 43’s amenities in this short video.

Simply reserve FASNY 43 for any training or community event: hands-on sessions, open houses and even barbecues or breakfasts. The attention-grabbing FASNY 43 comes equipped with everything you need for your audience of firefighters or potential recruits, including …

BullEx Attack Digital Fire Training System

The Attack Digital Fire Training System combines digital flames, sound and smoke to create a range of fire conditions that respond directly to hose line application. You can train with a seat of fire in acquired structures, training towers or any other location where live fire isn’t possible or practical.

BullEx Bullseye Extinguisher System is part of the FASNY 43 recruitment and training truck.

BullEx Bullseye Extinguisher System

The BullsEye allows you to train in places where emergencies may really occur, like schools, workplaces or the home. Training can now take place completely indoors, allowing you to train anywhere, anytime. Quickly relocate the system during training to change up the evolution and test your trainees’ skills.

BullEx Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line

Combine the Digital Nozzle and the Weighted Hose Line with the Digital Fire Training System to train on the fundamentals like hand line advancement or basic fire attack – all without taking an engine out of service or compromising your training location. The nozzle emits infrared light and lasers that interact with the Attack’s self-generating digital flames just as a water-based hose line interacts with a live fire.

BullEx Digital Nozzle is part of the FASNY 43 recruitment and training truck.
BullEx Weighted Hose Line is part of the FASNY 43 recruitment and training truck.

BullEx Laser Fire Extinguisher

The Laser Fire Extinguisher utilizes self-generating digital flames to simulate class A, B and C fires. It senses where the user aims and sweeps the laser training extinguisher and varies the flames in response. The system can recognize which type of extinguisher a trainee is using and will only respond to the trainee’s actions if they have chosen correctly. Also, the trainee must put the correct distance between themselves and the fire for the panel to respond. These added features make fire extinguisher training more realistic and effective than ever before, resulting in trainees who are well prepared to face incipient stage fires.

BullEx Laser Fire Extinguisher – part of the FASNY 43 recruitment and training truck.


No power? No problem! This generator ensures you always have a way to power up all this state-of-the-art technology.

Pullup Tent

This easy-to-set-up canopy sets up easy to keep you out of the sun or out of the way of inclement weather.

Recruiting Materials

FASNY 43 puts recruiting posters, brochures and other handouts right at your fingertips. While the crowds are checking out your fire safety technology, these pieces can entice them to join the volunteer fire service.

Recruitment materials are included in the FASNY 43 truck.

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