Issues of United Concern

New York State Fire Service Alliance

  • Cost Recovery for Fire Department Ambulance Service – Allow Fire Departments and Fire Districts to recover costs for providing ambulance service from insurers, Medicare and Medicaid in a similar manner as for profit and not-for-profit ambulance service. (S. 363-A, Little / A.7717-A, Jones)
  • Upholstered Furniture Fire Safety Standards – Establishes a prohibition on the sale and distribution of new upholstered furniture containing certain chemicals. (S. 742, Ritchie / A.3368 Brindisi)
  • Endangering the Welfare of Fire and Emergency Personnel – Enact an amendment to the Penal Law to establish a crime of Endangering the Welfare of Fire and Emergency Personnel when a property owner makes an illegal conversion to a multi-family unit without obtaining proper building permits. (S. 773, Carlucci / A. 1691 Zebrowski)
  • Increase VFBL and VAWBL Benefits – Increase Volunteer Firefighter and Volunteer Ambulance Worker partial permanent disability benefits to level comparable with those paid for similar disability under Worker’s Compensation Law. (S.3904, Griffo/ A.6367, Magnarelli)
  • Enact a Lemon Law for Fire Apparatus – Enact Legislation providing for a Lemon Law for Fire Apparatus like the law for passenger motor vehicles.
  • Training for Fire Chiefs – Enact legislation requiring the New York State Fire Administrator to convene a group consisting of various fire service associations and employee representatives to review the training standards for fire chiefs and to make recommendations for such standards.
  • Budgetary Issues
    • Authorize a Sales Tax Exemption for Home Safety Items such as smoke alarms, CO Alarms and Fire Extinguishers during the Month of October.
    • Provide sufficient funding to DHSHES/OFPC to ensure their ability to deliver the Fire Fighter 1 class via a system of “Blended Learning”


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