Issues of United Concern

Fire Associations Letter Logos

The following legislative issues were agreed upon by the Alliance of Fire Service Organizations for the 2021 Legislative Session:

  • Cost Recovery for Fire Department Ambulance Service:
    Provides that authorities having control of a fire department or fire company that provides emergency medical services may establish fees and charges for services. This previously proposed initiative (S-3685-A/A-1778-A) was passed in the Senate during the last session, but difficulties were encountered in lobbying for its passage in the Assembly. As a result of ongoing discussions with the different entities, it is felt that 2021 may be the year for passage. (A.534, Jones)
  • Increase VFBL Benefits:
    VFBL Temporary Total Disability increase in an attempt to achieve parity with workers’ compensation payments. (A.1324, Magnarelli)
  • Upholstered Furniture Fire Safety Standards:
    Support legislative efforts to remove carcinogenic chemical retardants and materials from upholstered furniture sold in New York state. (Old Bill Number: A.6260, Gunther/ S.6512, Harkham)
  • Legislative initiative in support of enforcement of building fire and safety code violations:
    • Amending the Executive Law, in relation to subjecting owners who knew or should have known about an alteration in violation of the Uniform Code, to a civil penalty
    • Amending the Executive Law, in relation to expanding remedies for violations of New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, and
    • Create penalties on building owners of up to $7,500 for violations of the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code that impede egress during a fire or other emergency evacuation.
    • Support and work with the New York State Building Officials Conference in their efforts to educate the Legislature on the many building code related bills that were introduced in 2020.
  • Amending LOSAP Point System:
    Relates to allowing for a program sponsor to amend a point system as part of a service award program.