2024 Legislative Agenda

The Firefighters Association of the State of New York’s grassroots legislative program is a time-honored process. FASNY members have gathered for more than 89 years, region by region, to determine their proactive legislative program. The legislative proposals you see in summary form came from every area of the state and have been approved by voice vote of FASNY’s membership to be brought to the legislature for consideration. As bills are introduced, they are entered on FASNY’s legislative agenda (scorecard), which is circulated on a regular basis, so the membership may mark their progress and express support to their legislators.


1. INCOME TAX CREDIT INCREASE — Would increase the NYC Volunteer Firefighters’ and Ambulance Workers’ income tax credit to $800 and would eliminate an arbitrary prohibition placed on collection of both a local real property tax exemption and the state income tax credit.

Corresponding legislation: S.7286 (Senator Monica Martinez)/ A.7524 (Assembly Member Fred Thiele)

History: New piece of legislation to finally rectify the injustice of the income tax credit remaining stagnant at $200 since its inception in 2006. An increase to $800 and a removal of the prohibition on collecting both benefits were proposed in last year’s Senate one-house budget, but was not introduced by the Executive or the Assembly, and subsequently was not included in the final enacted budget.

2. ENSURE VFBL PARITY WITH WORKERS COMPENSATION — Bring the volunteer firefighters benefit law benefits equal to workers’ compensation (what career firefighters receive) when injured in the line of duty. In most cases, compensation thresholds have not been updated since the 1990s.

Corresponding legislation: S.5436 (Senator James Skoufis) / A.5991 (Assembly Member Karen McMahon)

History: Did not advance out of the local government committees in both houses last year.

3. DESIGNATE EMS AS AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE, SET STANDARDS FOR EMS AND EXPAND THE BENEFITS AVAILABLE TO EMS PERSONNEL — Recognizes EMS as an essential service, establishes a special district for the financing and operation of general ambulance services, and expands access to health insurance and retirement benefits available to EMS providers.

Corresponding legislation: S.4020 (Senator Shelley Mayer)/ A.3392 (Assembly Member Steve Otis)

History: Did not advance out of the local government committees in both houses last year.

4. SALES TAX EXEMPTION FOR HOME LIFE SAFETY PRODUCTS — Would provide a sales tax exemption on home life safety products purchased in New York state during the month of October.

Corresponding legislation: S.6759 (Senator Kevin Thomas) / A.5951 (Assembly Member Monica Wallace)

History: Did not advance out of the Budget and Revenue/Ways and Means committees in either house last year.

5. “FIRST RESPONDER PEER SUPPORT PROGRAM ACT” — A 2017 study found that more firefighters and police officers died by suicide than in the line of duty. The study further found that these first responders including EMS are at an increased risk for mental illnesses such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. This program would be anonymous, with no reporting requirement, to preserve individual privacy.

Corresponding legislation: S.7079 (Senator Pete Harckham)/A.7552 (Assembly Member Chris Burdick)

History: Drafted and introduced in both houses in 2023.

6. NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER CANCER DETECTION ACT — Would include cancer screening as part of volunteer firefighter entry and annual medical exam. Cost would be borne by New York state through a fund developed to assist authority having jurisdiction and fire districts.

Corresponding legislation: Yet to be introduced.

History: New proposal


LITHIUM-ION BATTERY SAFETY STANDARDS — As a go-to voice for public safety in the state, we support many individually sponsored bills on the subject and they should all be reviewed, in concert with decisionmakers, to develop a unified comprehensive action. 

CANCER COVERAGE COST RELIEF — Establish a funding stream to alleviate fiscal burden on providing coverage. 

RETIREMENT SERVICE CREDIT FOR VOLUNTEER FIRE OR EMERGENCY SERVICE — S.6273 (Senator John Mannion) / A.7219 (Assembly Member Gina Sillitti)


Recovery of 54-G funding to support code enforcement efforts – S.2986 (Senator Brian Kavanagh) / A.4430 (Assembly Member Ken Zebrowski)