EMS Provider of the Year

Honor your outstanding volunteers with a nomination for the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York EMS Provider of the Year Award. Each year, FASNY recognizes exemplary emergency medical personnel with this prestigious honor designated for those who best express what EMS is all about.



2018 EMS Provider of the Year Sponsored by:

2017 Winner

Brandon Sutton

Rapids Volunteer Fire Co.

On September 14, 2016, Rapids Volunteer Fire Co. members were alerted by Amherst Fire Control to respond to a cardiac arrest emergency for a 66-year-old man in the Town of Clarence. A Rapids EMT had the Company’s emergency ambulance service vehicle and was able to respond immediately

EMT Brandon Sutton, then 20 years old, had only had his EMT-Basic card for less than a year at the time. Upon arrival at the scene, EMT Sutton used an AED to shock the patient.

After a complete cycle of proper CPR (compressions and ventilations) for two minutes, he did a rhythm check. The patient was shocked again and a sustainable rhythm ensued with a palpable pulse. The patient began to breathe on his own immediately and a strong carotid and brachial pulse was monitored.

Within two minutes of the second shock, the patient began to show signs of improvement as a Twin City ALS ambulance arrived and took over patient care. The patient was transported to Buffalo General Medical Center, where he was taken to the cardiac cauterization lab immediately upon arrival for an emergency cardiac angiogram.

About two months later, he underwent cardiac bypass surgery to improve his heart function. He underwent five procedures successfully.

Following the actions of EMT Sutton and the rest of the Rapids Volunteer Fire Co., the family sent numerous thank you cards to the fire station. They were read off at company meetings and posted for everyone to appreciate. The family also graciously made a donation to the fire company.

EMT Sutton has been a top responder in all natures of calls and is always around to help with non-incident functions like meetings, fundraisers and drills. He has such a passion for EMS that he is currently taking the New York State AEMT course at nearby Niagara County Community College.

The officers of the Rapids Volunteer Fire Co. feel that if EMT Sutton had not had the emergency vehicle signed out for the shift on the day of the incident, the call would not have been as prompt and the outcome possibly would not have been as favorable. This event goes to show the passion and professionalism that EMT Sutton has for his community.

Past Award Recipients:

Year Name Fire Department
2006 Chief Leonard Martin, Firefighter George Bassler, Firefighter Ronald Ouimette, AEMT-CC Patrick Barriere Keeseville Fire Department
2007 Firefighter James Rosse II South Schodack Fire Department and Castleton Ambulance
2008 Firefighter/EMT Mark W. Gilson Olcott Fire Co.
2009 No Award Given
2010 Valerie White Community Ambulance
2011 Karen L. Rathke Southside Fire Company
2012 Kyle J. Reitan Miller Place Fire Department EMS Corps
2013 Karen L. Haab Springs Volunteer Fire Department
2014 William Street Ulster Hose Company #5
2015 Joel Melamed, Andrew Melamed Albertson Fire Company
2016 Riley DeJong Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps
2017 Brandon Sutton Rapids Volunteer Fire Co.