The Firefighters Association of the State of New York (FASNY) has been dedicated to informing, educating and training the volunteer fire service since 1872.

Like the fire service sister- and brotherhood, FASNY membership comes with privileges designed to support those who dedicate their lives to this noble community service. FASNY benefits range from an Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance policy to exclusive discounts for retailers and service providers.

Our greatest commitment to the volunteer fire service, however, comes by way of programming and materials that inform, educate and train.

We invite nationally known experts to present at the annual Convention and EMS conferences. We offer training at departments across the state that not only fulfill requirements, but keep the professional volunteer firefighter performing at the highest level. Topics range from leadership and operations to wellness and recruitment, subjects that are also covered in the bi-monthly Volunteer Firefighter magazine delivered to members free of charge.

FASNY is also the voice of New York State’s 110,000 volunteer firefighters both in Albany and on the national level, lobbying for critical legislation like presumptive cancer coverage for volunteers and laws that protect the public as well as firefighters.

FASNY strives to demonstrate influence in legislative issues, education that benefits every aspect of the volunteer fire service, support in the form of member benefits and strength as the steward of one of the country’s oldest such organizations.

FASNY maintains numerous resources to the individual as well as organizations.

For more than 125 years, FASNY has maintained the Firemen’s Home. This licensed and certified residential healthcare facility in Hudson, New York, supports former volunteers, who are treated with the dignity and care they deserve during their later years.

FASNY preserves the history and maintains the legacy of the fire service in New York State at the Museum of Firefighting in Hudson. There, visitors of all ages are treated to the sights of antique apparatus and artifacts as well as informative and popular programming throughout the year.

The FASNY Federal Credit Union is yet another benefit extended to members. The Albany-based financial institution is a co-op “Dedicated to the Dedicated Volunteer” with competitive banking services.

All these initiatives are guided by experienced leadership, boards and committees. All of FASNY takes pride in giving back to the volunteers who give so much to their communities.