Accidental Death and Dismemberment Program

All members of FASNY are automatically enrolled in a 24-hour $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) group policy. This policy will pay for a covered loss resulting from a bodily injury to a member. This is not a life insurance policy.

If a bodily injury results in death, the principal sum of $10,000 will be paid to the named beneficiary. If an injury causes the member’s death while that person is engaged in an Emergency Duty, then the death benefit payable is doubled to $20,000.

Emergency Duty means participating in, including travel directly to and from, any fire suppression or emergency response; any rescue or emergency medical activity; or any training exercise.

Below you will find a document detailing the plan, as well as a form you can use to declare a beneficiary. You do not need to declare a beneficiary to be covered by this policy. Please direct any questions concerning this policy to Provident at (800) 447-0360.