Golden Trumpet

2023 Award Recipient

Robin Schott


Robin Schott, past legislative chair, was honored with FASNY’s prestigious Golden Trumpet Award at its annual Legislative Conference held Nov. 3-5 in Troy, N.Y.

Since 1991 the award has been given to individuals who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to New York’s 85,000 volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel.

Schott began his journey as a volunteer firefighter by joining the Spencerport Fire Department Explorer Program in 1970, and served as the first president of the Explorer organization. He became an active volunteer in the Spencerport Fire Department in June of 1974, and served until 1975, when he joined the United States Marine Corps. When Schott returned home in 1978, he once again became an active firefighter and served his hometown Spencerport FD until 1982. During his tenure he was also an active member of the Red Onion Drill team, where his skills as a Marine were an asset to the team.

Schott relocated a few times over the years and always joined the local fire service. He served with the Livonia Fire Department from 1982-1985, and in 1987 joined the Hutchinson Hose Company of Williamsville, N.Y., where he spent the bulk of his time as a firefighter. During his time with Hutchinson Hose, Schott served in many administrative positions: president, vice president, director, recording and corresponding secretary, and a member of the building committee. He is also a member of the Williamsville Exempt Firemen’s Association, having served as president, vice president, director, treasurer and bell jar chairman.

Schott extended his involvement and was active with the local fire associations: Amherst Fire Council, Erie County Firemen’s Association, FASNY, and Western New York Firemen’s Association, where he served on and chaired WNYFA’s legislative committee.

He was appointed to FASNY’s legislative committee in 2005, and became the legislative chairman in 2009, replacing the late Pete Casey. 

Schott is an enthusiastic supporter of the legislative process and was a dynamic committee chair. He was always looking to move bills forward, and committee members would receive phone calls from him while he was traveling between appointments for his “day job” asking what was going on with a bill or giving an update. He worked closely with our lobby groups, which changed a few times over the years. Schott supported and encouraged the use of “Engage” for members of FASNY to contact their legislators on important bills to support or even oppose. 

He retired to Florida in 2020 to enjoy the sunshine and improve his golf, and since then has remained a valuable resource to FASNY’s legislative committee. 

Schott has been instrumental in helping the committee prepare national legislation relative to the fire service, and attended the Congressional Fire Service Institute’s Lobby Days in Washington, D.C. He has led many of the discussions with members of Congress, and has done an outstanding job representing the Association.

Robin Schott thanks FASNY after receiving the Golden Trumpet Award.

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