Golden Trumpet

2022 Award Recipient

Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski


Assemblymember Kenneth Zebrowski was honored with FASNY’s Golden Trumpet Award at its annual Legislative Conference held Nov. 4-6 in Albany.

Since 1991 the Golden Trumpet Award has been given to individuals who demonstrate support for — and assistance above and beyond the call of duty to — the volunteer fire service in New York. Historically this honor has been awarded to state legislators, government officials, and others who have demonstrated commitment to New York’s 85,000 volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel.

Zebrowski, from Assembly District 96 representing Rockland County, is recognized as an advocate and friend to our first responders. He was unanimously chosen by the nominating committee to receive this year’s award. 

Zebrowski’s leadership on behalf of the fire service has sponsored several key pieces of legislation, including: 

  • Zebrowski is currently a sponsor of legislation that would amend the penal code to make endangering the welfare of a first responder by making illegal modifications a crime. The assemblymember is passionate about keeping New Yorkers safe from substandard housing and unscrupulous landlords, and ensuring enough resources for code administration and enforcement. His efforts have overhauled the school inspection process, implementing both regulatory reforms and legislative changes that ensure school buildings are inspected and administrators are held accountable. He has passed a package of laws that fight illegal housing, including a law that increased penalties for illegal building conversions that lead to injury or death, and another that mandates a minimum daily fine for dangerous conditions that sit unmitigated. Zebrowski’s dogged advocacy has exposed illegal building and fire code practices throughout the state that put people’s lives and home values at risk. 
  • Zebrowski is a staunch advocate of updating and broadening the income tax exemption, a tax credit to certain volunteer firefighters, volunteer ambulance workers, and volunteer emergency medical personnel under certain circumstances. He was also vital to the property tax exemption bill for volunteer first responders, which passed both houses unanimously, and would allow all New York counties to adopt a local law to exempt up to 10% of the assessed value of the primary residence for volunteer fire department or ambulance service members. 
  • Zebrowski was an avid co-sponsor of EMS Cost Recovery legislation signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul this year that allows volunteer departments to recover the cost of emergency medical responses.  Zebrowski worked for years to help sponsor within his conference to educate his colleagues on the benefits of the legislation.

“Volunteer firefighters across our state are an incredibly important part of our communities, and I’m proud to be an ally for them in the assembly,” said Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, whose deep understanding of the volunteer fire service comes from his grandfather, Al Magnatta, a longtime member of the Congers Fire Department. “I’m honored to receive the FASNY Golden Trumpet Award, and I thank President Edward Tase, Jr., the leadership team, and all the members for choosing me to be this year’s recipient. I look forward to continuing to partner with FASNY to be there for its members, just as it is there for us.”

“It is my privilege to present the FASNY Golden Trumpet Award to Assemblyman Zebrowski for his vigorous support and thorough understanding of the critical needs of our state’s volunteer firefighters,” said FASNY President Edward Tase, Jr. “We are proud to have such a staunch ally in the assemblyman and deeply appreciate his time and dedication to aiding New York’s first responders.” 

Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski thanks FASNY after receiving the Golden Trumpet Award.

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