Youth Group of the Year

FASNY invites exemplary organizations to apply for the Youth Group of the Year Award. Each year, the FASNY Youth in the Fire Service Committee recognizes the youth fire organization that best embodies a dedication to both fire and community service.



2017 Winner

Mastic Fire Department Explorer Post No. 512

The Mastic Fire Department Explorer Post No. 512 was originally the Mastic Fire Department Juniors and was created in January 1980.

Currently, the Explorers consist of 21 members who range in age from 14 to 18. The Explorers are run in accordance with the Mastic FD bylaws and consist of one Captain, one First Lieutenant, three Second Lieutenants, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

To date, more than a dozen Explorers and juniors have become members of the Mastic FD. Of those members, two have risen to the rank of Chief while five have held positions of Line Officer or Administrative Officer.

Upon becoming full members of the Mastic FD, each Explorer is already leaps and bounds ahead of those who may have joined the department and did not complete the Explorers program. This is due to the extensive training the Explorers are offered. Training includes Scott packs, search and rescue, ladders, hoses, communications, forced entry, and safety techniques.

The Explorer Program has participated in countless events for both the Mastic FD as well as the community. They have marched alongside department members in parades, stood as support for funerals of fellow firefighters and their families, and participated in several fundraisers. They have also been eager to participate in the Fire Prevention Open House.

The Explorers aid the elderly by shoveling snow from driveways and away from fire hydrants, and even decorating homes for the holidays. They take an active role in the Christmas tree lighting for the community. They also take on many community cleanup projects.

All of these events help show the importance of teamwork as well as helping your fellow man. This year, they helped with RecruitNY and the department gained three more Explorers as a result.

The Mastic FD strives to turn these young Explorers into responsible, community-oriented young adults with the possibility of becoming full members. Having a comprehensive Explorer program has allowed Mastic leadership to accomplish this goal and has provided a valuable experience for not only the youth involved, but for the members as well.

Past Award Recipients

Year Youth Group
2012 Fairville Volunteer Fire Department Explorer Post #751
2013 Port Chester Fire Department Explorer Post No. 700
2014 Lake Carmel Fire Department Explorer Post No. 2041
2015 Moyers Corners Fire Department Explorer Post No. 209
2016 Mineola Junior Fire Department
2017 Mastic Fire Department Explorer Post No. 512