SAFER Initiative


Due in part to a growing and increasingly complex mission, it has become difficult for New York’s volunteer fire departments to recruit and retain members.

To address this vital need for volunteers, FASNY secured a US Department of Homeland Security Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant. This large award supports a statewide recruitment and retention effort to keep the volunteer firefighters already serving their communities and add an additional 15,000 firefighters by 2015. This will translate into improving fire operations by reducing response times of departments throughout New York State.

Your Role:

Each department has a stake in the success of our SAFER activities. We need you to:

  • Fill out your Fire Department Information Form. This information is an important part of the auto-referral system that potential recruits will be using to be referred locally. Is your department listed? Find out!
  • When you receive FASNY’s Fire Department Census, fill it out and return it promptly. The completion of an accurate department census is a key grant requirement.
  • Keep your fire reports up to date. This is another SAFER grant requirement.
  • Submit your Volunteer Profile Form for all your walk-in recruits
  • Use your district’s existing communications capabilities (i.e. station outdoor signs, website, social media, etc.) to promote