Upcoming Training

Saturday – Sunday, June 8-9, 2024 | MissionCIT Training: The Retention and Recruitment Officer’s (RRO) Role in Organizational Success 
Monday, October 7th | Training: Tactical Response to Modern House Fires

Like the modern volunteer fire service, FASNY’s training and education constantly evolves to cover the most important topics and contemporary tactics affecting our work today.

Training is about more than fulfilling requirements or checking a box. It’s about ensuring the volunteer fire service in New York State is among the strongest in the nation.

Firefighters protect communities and save lives every day. It’s that critical role that demands that each and every volunteer perform to the best of their abilities and use the latest techniques to do so.

That’s why FASNY offers training opportunities featuring the top minds in the firefighting industry today. Our programming features insightful ideas and expert instruction for nationally known and extremely knowledgeable instructors – month after month and year after year.

FASNY training covers the entire spectrum of firefighting in a variety of formats from hands-on to online. From leadership to recruitment and fireground strategy to cancer prevention, FASNY courses are designed to equip the volunteer firefighter with professional knowledge and skills.

In addition to cornerstone events like the Speaker Series at Convention and the annual EMS Conference and Seminar, FASNY continuously offers courses covering essential and advanced skills throughout the year.