Watch: EMS Cost Recovery For New York Fire Departments Seminar

EMS Cost Recovery is now part of the New York State 2023 budget and we thank everyone for their support in passing this critical legislation. But, what are the next steps? If you’ve got questions, FASNY has answers from the likes of Rich Brandt of the New York State Department of Health, EMS expert Scott Bowman, Ellen Nooney of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and FASNY General Counsel Timothy Hannigan, Esq.

During this free virtual seminar the hosts answered questions addressed the real-life implications of EMS Cost Recovery for volunteer fire departments in New York State.

Watch the Seminar

On April 9, 2022, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed the 2023 New York State budget. In that budget is the EMS Cost Recovery Act, which allows – for the first time – volunteer fire departments to recover costs associated with their ambulance services.

FASNY, along with other volunteer fire service organizations, has long fought for this legislation affecting EMS Cost Recovery. The legislation was led by sponsors New York State Senator John E. Brooks and Assemblyman D. Billy Jones. The act allows volunteer fire departments to recoup costs associated with equipment and training.

This seminar explains virtually everything volunteer fire departments need to know about EMS Cost Recovery, the timeline of the legislation to take effect and how this will affect ambulance services moving forward.