FASNY’s Youth in the Fire Service programs strive to support and promote participation of the youth in the volunteer fire service across New York State. This program is specifically designed for Juniors, Explorers and RAMs and provides the opportunity to learn valuable skills while illustrating the meaning of teamwork and, of course, having a little fun.

The future of the fire service is on full display each year at Youth Day during Convention. Young firefighters gather for valuable hands-on training and the priceless camaraderie that comes with being part of the firematic brotherhood.

Teens make rounds to hazmat, roof rescue, hose relay, maze and hose work stations in small groups led by professional instructors using state-of-the-art training facilities. This is a great opportunity to learn new techniques and equipment that may not be available at home. But, Youth Day isn’t just about developing skills, it’s also about building relationships.

“We’ve never been around this many young firefighters,” past participant Derrick Maher said. For him, Youth Day was just an extension of why he loves firefighting in the first place. “There’s never a day I go to the firehouse I don’t do something different and I always learn something new.”


Firefighter SCBA Confidence

This course will focus on participants' basic knowledge of their SCBA and include an outdoor course that will take them through various obstacles, including a wall stud prop, a reduced profile through a tube and other obstacles designed to build confidence in a participant’s ability to use their SCBA.

FAST Training

This revolves around a scenario where a firefighter is down inside a structure and the only option for quick removal is out a second-floor window. Participants will be instructed in the skill and conduct evolutions removing a firefighter out through a window utilizing a simple rope and pulley system.

Standpipe Operations in Mid/High-Rise Buildings

Utilizing a five-story fire training tower, this station will allow participants to practice moving into a building with a fire on an upper floor using high-rise packs and connecting a stairwell standpipe system. Participants will advance onto a simulated smoke-filled floor and attack a simulated fire using the BullEx Fire simulation unit, then ventilate the floor with nozzle before returning outside to repack the high-rise packs.

Hose Relay

Each group will have to work together as a team to deploy a hand line and hook it up to a water source. This will be a timed event and each group with be competing against each other.

ARFF Vehicle Familiarization/Demonstration

Participants will have the opportunity to view the Syracuse Fire Department Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Unit’s largest vehicles used at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. Participants will get a walk around to understand the special design of these massive vehicles and the equipment carried. This will end with an explanation of the high-tech controls in the cab of the vehicle, including turret joysticks and thermal imaging capabilities. Participants will have the opportunity to put themselves in the seat of the ARFF firefighter and discharge the turrets using in cab controls.