Full Company Membership Program

Volunteer firefighters across New York State recognize the importance of being a member of FASNY. From our magazineThe Volunteer Firefighter,™ to our workshops and seminars, they are aware of FASNY’s total commitment to and support of the volunteer fire service in New York State. Our members know that FASNY has supported them in legislative activities, training, education, maintaining the Firemen’s Home, and in life safety and fire prevention activities, to name just a few of the host of FASNY’s activities since 1872.

FASNY now offers a plan to provide full individual membership, including a subscription to The Volunteer Firefighter, for substantial savings. If any member organization, department or company agrees to pay the individual FASNY dues for all of its members, the organization will be billed at a reduced rate per person and, as a special incentive, will get its own organizational dues for free. Hundreds of organizations have taken advantage of this full membership plan to join all their members to FASNY. If yours is not one of them, please bring it up at your organization’s next meeting.

For more information on Full Company Membership email fasny@fasny.com

Four Classes of Membership