Tell the NYS Codes Council to Adopt the 2015 IRC

FASNY has been working closely with New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, The NYS Association of Fire Districts, the NYS Professional Firefighters, NYS Building Officials and many other groups as part of the Build Safe NY Alliance. Our one goal is to pursue the adoption of the 2015 International Residential Code by the NYS Code Council. This code will require the installation of residential sprinkler systems in NEW 1 and 2 family homes as well as those that undergo a rehab of more than 50%.

All of us firmly believe that with the advent of lightweight construction in new homes it is necessary to have residential sprinkler systems to protect the lives of homeowner and firefighters. We all know that fires in modern homes burn much hotter and faster than in legacy homes. If sprinklers are installed, residents will have the time to evacuate and we will have time to fight the fire.

Take action now!