National Fallen Firefighters Foundation – We Need Your Help

American Firefighter is a coffee-table style book being prepared by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation as a fund-raising project. Proceeds will help our survivors. We are looking for your help in assisting us in identifying 50 firefighters who will be profiled in this book.

The subjects will have their profile professionally written and they will be photographed in their home/work or avocation environment.

We are certainly looking for traditional fire service heroes, but we want all our participants to also have unique qualities as well. These qualities can be very small and personal, but there should be something about them to capture the reader’s attention.

In terms of limitations, we require the person be currently serving in the fire service. We cannot accept posthumous tributes.

If you have any questions, please contact JoEllen Kelly ( This is a fantastic opportunity to recognize a special person in your life.

And don’t forget—you can nominate yourself!!! PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO COLLEAGUES AND STAFF.

Model types or combination of attributes:

Generational stories (for example, granddad/dad/daughter, mom/son,
multiple siblings in family, twins/triplets, overcoming family hardships)

Metro, Volunteer, Rural or Combination Chief Fire Officers (men and women who are outstanding leaders from diverse communities)

Firefighters who are also involved in the arts (performers, musicians, artists [all media], photographers, poets, etc.)

Firefighters who are athletes (active, coaches, recruiters, etc.)

Interesting primary occupations for volunteer members (bankers, physicians, fisherman/women, farmers, teachers, pilots, etc. Really, any visually interesting vocation).

Burn Unit staff (doctors, nurses, assistants—must be serving in a fire dept.)

Military firefighters (stationed abroad or in the homeland)

Industrial firefighters (in visually interesting settings)

Firefighters in specialties such as water rescue, METRO/subway/aboveground train, etc. Specializations unique to region.

FF/EMTs/EMS (must be cross-trained firefighters, work predominantly as firefighters)

Firefighters in weather-challenged environments

Fire Museum Contributors/ Managers/Fire Buffs

Firefighters who have physical challenges (can be due to a line-of-duty injury)

Firefighters who are very committed to philanthropies/charities

Wildland firefighters committed to ecology of the wildland regions (scientist, professor)

Wildland firefighters/crew chiefs/aviation

Inspirational chiefs, training officers, safety officers, etc. – who carry the safety message

These are just idea categories to get you thinking!

In 250 words or fewer, please send your suggestions to JoEllen Kelly, putting American Firefighter on the subject line. Please respond immediately or no later than March 1, 2016.

Please include contact information for the person you are nominating.
Thank you for your help.


JoEllen L. Kelly, Ph.D.
Editor, American Firefighter
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation