Get Started with Twitter: Six tips for new users

With some 230 million users and a growing cultural influence, Twitter has become a social media platform hard to ignore.

At its most basic, Twitter is a micro-blogging service that offers users up to 140 characters to express their thoughts as well as share links and photos. Users follow each other to develop a newsfeed featuring all the content tweeted by people they choose to follow – these include celebrities, friends, journalists, websites and organizations like FASNY (

Here’s what you need to know about getting started on this popular social networking platform:

  1. While Twitter is a great vehicle for conversation, there’s no need to tweet. You may prefer to use your account strictly as a newsfeed, where you’ll get the latest updates from your favorite sources.
  2. If you do choose to tweet, hashtags (#) are the most effective way to engage other like-minded users. Think of hashtags as a message board where multiple people contribute. Simply click on a hashtag, which are automatically linked, or use the search bar to find a conversation.
  3. Use #FASNY to follow our conversations and contribute thoughts and photos from events, including the Winter Games and Convention.
  4. Twitter is extremely smartphone-friendly. The iPhone has Twitter integrated into its standard software. You can also find numerous free third-party apps in your Google or Apple store.
  5. Twitter accounts are 100 percent free. All you need is an email. Visit to get started.
  6. Follow us at and #FASNY! You’ll get all the latest news, relevant links and updates from your fellow volunteers in the community!