The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York needs your help!

Expanded cancer coverage providing a rebuttable presumption for volunteer firefighters under VFBL needs to be passed by the New York State Senate and Assembly before being signed into law by the Governor.

No volunteer firefighter volunteered to get cancer!

Please get the Resolution signed by your local fire districts, village, town and county governing bodies TODAY.

  1. Take the Memorializing Resolution to your local fire district, village, town or county government representatives.
  2. Sit down with them and use the talking points provided by FASNY in regards to the cancer bill included herein. Have your facts in place prior to meeting with them.
  3. Have them fill in the spaces with their government agency’s name.
  4. Obtain additional copies of the resolution from the FASNY website and send it and the FASNY Legislative Representatives will keep the copies as well as send it to both the Senate and the Assembly bill sponsors (Senate: Senator Griffo and Assembly: Assemblywoman Gunther)

Memorializing Resolution Template

Thank you for your support!