RangeSafe Safety Knobs™ Help Prevent Accidental Stove Fires and Gas Leaks

Traditional stove knobs can be accidentally turned on by adults bumping into the stove, as well as curious children playing with the knobs and mischievous pets looking for food. The National Fire Prevention Association reports that more than 170,000 home fires are associated with cooking equipment, including fires started by inadvertent use of gas or electric stoves, are reported each year, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. According to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, reported fires are just a small percentage of the approximate 4 million “total” cooking related fires that occur each year.

RangeSafe, LLC has created a new stove safety knob that greatly reduces the risk of accidental stove ignition as well as gas leaks. Marsha Holland, Chair of FASNY’s Fire Prevention and Life Safety Committee, sat down with Trevor Lawson, President of RangeSafe, LLC, to learn more about this innovative safety product.

Chairwoman Holland: What is the RangeSafe Safety Knob and how does it work?

Trevor Lawson: The RangeSafe Knob is a unique, innovative and cost-effective replacement stove safety knob that helps protect people from serious bodily injury and buildings from catastrophic property damage resulting from accidental stove ignition and gas leaks. RangeSafe’s innovative and patented “pinch, push, and turn” design acts as an automatic locking mechanism, reducing the chance of knobs being unintentionally turned on. 

Holland: How does the RangeSafe Stove Safety Knob differ from traditional standard knobs?

Lawson: Traditional stove knobs only require a user to slightly push and twist to ignite the burner, which can often lead to unintentional ignition or gas leaks. The RangeSafe safety feature helps reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

Holland: Are there alternatives to the RangeSafe Safety Knob that people could consider?

Lawson: Until recently, the only protection that was available to address this concern was plastic knob covers. Although somewhat effective, stove users find that plastic covers are both inconvenient to use and unattractive to look at, and eventually end up being removed and stored in the kitchen drawer. RangeSafe Safety Knobs are not only a more effective solution but are also more visually appealing than plastic covers. As a result, RangeSafe Safety Knobs maintain the pleasing aesthetics of ranges while giving users peace of mind.

Holland: Are RangeSafe Safety Knobs compatible with all stoves and ranges?

Lawson: The RangeSafe Safety Knobs have been installed as replacement knobs on residential ranges and stovetops from all of the top brand manufacturers. The knobs come in three models, Original, Classic and Deluxe, which are designed to match most range models. People who are interested can check if their stove or range is compatible with our knobs at our website: www.RangeSafe.com or by contacting me trevor@rangesafe.com.

Holland: Who is a typical RangeSafe customer?

Lawson: Pretty much everyone. RangeSafe has a nationwide customer base of individual homeowners, from almost every state. We also supply knobs to property development and management companies of large residential complexes. RangeSafe is an approved vendor for the City of New York, who takes the issue of accidental stove ignition very seriously ever since the horrific Bronx fire in 2017.  We also supply safety knobs for overseas U.S. Government residential facilities in the Middle East.

Holland: Where can people purchase the RangeSafe Safety Knob?

Lawson: Our product can be found on our website, www.RangeSafe.com, or at www.Amazon.com.

Holland: Thank you Trevor for taking the time to share with us how the RangeSafe Safety Knob can help improve safety in the home and reduce the risk of accidental ignition of stoves and gas leaks.

Lawson:  My pleasure, if any of your readers have any questions, I would be happy to speak with them.  I can be contacted at trevor@rangesafe.com or call 434-229-7401

Note: RangeSafe Safety Knob is a common law trademark of RangeSafe, LLC