Firefighter of the Year Application

Honor your outstanding volunteers with a nomination for the FASNY Firefighter of the Year Award sponsored by VFIS. Each year, FASNY recognizes its bravest members with this prestigious honor designated for those who exemplify what the fire service and protecting our communities is all about.


Eligible nominees must:

  • Express the nominee’s merits such as risking life, saving others from drowning, braving fire to rescue trapped occupants or some other outstanding heroic activity.
  • Include a letter, on department letterhead, with a detailed description and history of the heroic actions. This document must be signed by the Chief of the fire department or company.
  • Be submitted by March 15, 2021. The award is designated for heroism performed the previous calendar year, January 1 through December 31, 2020.

NOTE: FASNY award winners will be publicly promoted in press releases and print publications as well as on television, radio or the web. The Association reserves the right to use the person’s image for publicity, including – but not limited to – print, broadcast and web/social media. The recipient is expected to speak at the annual Convention (August 5-8, 2021) and be available for photo opportunities, television appearances and other promotional events. In the event the recipient does not agree to these terms, the name may be withdrawn. In the event that we are in a National/State of emergency, due the Pandemic or other natural disaster the award ceremony may be held at the award winner’s department or alternate site.


All volunteer fire service organizations in New York State should be thinking of submitting applications for the Firefighter of the Year. The applications must be submitted by March 15, 2021, to be eligible for consideration. Letters of support and any other supporting material accompanying the nomination will become the property of FASNY. The presentation of this award will be made at Convention.