Hands-On Training Boot Camp

FASNY Hands-On Training Boot Camp is a great way to sharpen your skills and get some inside tips from Lead Instructor Dan Gordon. Dan and his crew will bring techniques they have learned and developed while on duty at FDNY Squad 61 in the Bronx. This training also provides an opportunity for you to try new tools that you are looking to purchase. Contact your local fire equipment dealer and ask to try them. We will have samples of bailout systems on site for you to try.

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Station 1: Forcible Entry

Students will be working in teams of two to make entry to inward opening doors. Doors range in difficulty from one lock to multiple locks, both high and low. Using the “gap, set, force” technique, the students will have plenty of hands-on time to operate both the Halligan and the ax. Minor modifications to the Halligan will be shown, as will the differences between six and eight-pound axes in addition to a maul.

Station 2: Firefighter Bailout

With bailout systems being a best practice in the State of New York, firefighters must train with them to be proficient. Regardless of the system used, the basics of tying remotely or hooking into the windowsill and the exit remain the same. Firefighters will have the opportunity to practice with their own systems or try other systems available. Firefighters will perform bailouts using a remote anchor and a windowsill deployment with an emphasis on control and a smooth descent to the ground. Safety belays systems will be in place.

Station 3: Roof Ventilation

Firefighters will perform vertical ventilation on a 25-degree pitch roof. Firefighters will practice ascending both with an extension ladder and with a roof ladder while sounding the roof and getting all of the required equipment to the roof. Members will then make cuts using a ventilation saw while being assisted by a partner. The emphasis for this station will be on safety and operation of the saw while on a peaked roof.

3-Hour Program

  • Student prerequisites: New York State Firefighter 1 or equivalent „
  • PPE requirements: Full turnout gear to include: coat, pants, helmet, gloves, and eye protection „
  • 30 students maximum

All pre-registered attendees will receive a graphic boot camp T-shirt. If there is space available, we will have on-site registration on a first come, first served basis.