Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program

Volunteer firefighters are local heroes to the communities they serve. This is why three major fire associations (AFDSNY, FASNY and NYSAFC) have come together with five sponsoring municipal associations (NYSAC, NYCOM, AOT, PERMA, Comp Alliance), to create a program that helps take care of the 110,000 volunteer firefighters and their families.

With the signing of GML 205 – CC, volunteer firefighters throughout NY are now entitled to an enhanced cancer disability benefit insurance program provided by their fire district, department or company.

Thanks to guidance and feedback from fire services across the state, we’re now able to be there for our volunteer firefighters in their time of need, just as they are for us every single day.

In The Hartford, the associations have a partner equally committed not only to fire prevention, but also the wellbeing of New York’s volunteer firefighters through information and education. At the same time, The Hartford offers another level of support and service for your volunteers.

Our program can help municipalities:

  • Promote recruitment and retention
  • Improve the health and effectiveness of firefighters through information and education
  • Send a message, loud and clear, of support and service for your volunteers

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